Monday, April 11, 2016

#MondayMotivation with Maryam - Week 6

Hey everyone! :) 

Quote of the week :

I thought this was the perfect quote for my #MondayMotivation this week as a lot of students (like myself) are trying to get through school right now. I did miss writing this post last week (sorry) but I will try to keep up with the series! Good luck to everyone that has exams right now! 

This quote is important as we all need to have dreams and aim high. Setting goals for life is just the first step before working hard everyday in order to make them happen. We need to have the desire to accomplish what we want from life and not let our minds stop us from doing so. We tend to be our own worst critics when we should also be our own greatest motivators. We need to believe in ourselves and our capabilities to do accomplish our dreams.  

When we start to doubt ourselves it stops us from even trying. The fear of not getting our desired results is what hinders ourself from trying. It is actually worse than the failure itself! This is because when we get into our heads and worry about the possible future we build fear and anxiety. That gets in the way of wanting to accomplish our dreams as we stop believing that we can or fear the possibility of it going wrong. If trying leads to failure it can actually be healthy for you as the experience teaches lessons that nothing else can.

 You learn from the failure and move on to do better for yourself. Life is all about trying new things and you will probably not succeed in all of them. Trying hard and getting ourselves back up when it doesn't work out is what often leads one to where they are supposed to be. No one that gets up everyday and works hard towards their dreams will remain unaccomplished. Success is never easily accomplished but when it comes after failure it always feels so much better! 

Thank you guys for reading! :)

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