Monday, March 21, 2016

#MondayMotivation with Maryam - Week 5

Good morning guys! 

Here is another Monday Motivation post that I hope you are inspired by. This quote is an important one and a reminder for myself as well. 

I have decided on sticking to a blogging schedule and will be posting twice a week. As I said in my last post, I may miss a few in the next few weeks due to upcoming assignments and exams. Besides that I am committed to posting Monday's which will be the Monday Motivation with Maryam and Thursday's which will be a miscellaneous one. 
Quote of the week:

This quote by Warsan Shire went viral as it touched the hearts of many. Isn't it so true? I chose this as the Monday Motivation of the week as it is a reminder as well as motivation for self love. We are not show and tell items on display for the world to approve or even comment on. Way too much emphasis is placed on superficial beauty which is extremely relative - I have way too much to say about this topic so I will write a full post on it. We have many responsibilities in life but whether or not other people find us attractive should not be one of them. Why place your self worth in the hands of others in that way? I am obsessed with makeup and fashion but it's because it is what I love and is for no one else. If you aren't into that then that's completely okay and you should do it for no one! We are so much more than what we look like. We are way too valuable to let anyone else tell us otherwise. Anyone that makes you feel down about your appearance needs to blocked and deleted from your life. Ignorant people. 

Thank you guys for reading! :) <3 

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